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Eric & Jamena McInteer:
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How I Was Introduced To Shaklee

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Eric's Story:


I was originally introduced to Shaklee around late 2012 at a networking event with the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce. I was looking to meet good quality business owners in Albuquerque and that is when I met Jim Campbell. We originally discussed my previous experience in network marketing while at the event. A few weeks later Jim called to set up a meeting over lunch. We met up and got to know each other beyond "just business."


At the time I was very involved with weight lifting and distance running. My goal was always to complete 2-3 full body workouts per week but I was often struggling with sore muscles after doing resistance training. Jim explained how a few Shaklee products could help me gain a nutritional advantage and help me push through some plateaus. I began using the Vitalizer For Men product to optimize general health. I also started using the Physique product which accelerated the rate at which my muscles repaired themselves. This allowed me to move from 1-2 full body workouts per week up to 2-3 complete weight lifting cycles per week. The third product I started using was the Performance product. Performance helped increase my energy levels while doing distance running by replenishing my electrolight levels.


After experiencing all three products I became a big fan of Shaklee as a health and wellness company. I used the products continuously for about a year and then made the mistake of cutting them out of my nutritional routine after I started my own business with Farmers Insurance. The start-up required that I minimize my overhead so I could put money into growing the business. Unfortunately I paid the price of skimping on my health. Within 1-2 years of closing down the business my income had gone up quite a bit so I started taking Shaklee products again. They have since helped me increase my energy levels and decrease my stress levels drastically.


After going through this personal experience I decided that I would like to share Shaklee products with friends and family because I know what it does for my quality of life. I also saw an opportunity to do business with a friend that I trusted and a way to utilize my experience as a small business owner. My wife and I are currently working towards building a part-time business that will allow us to send our future children to private school or alternatively some of the highest quality public schools available. This is the vehicle we have both chosen recently and Shaklee is a company we both feel comfortable doing business with.


-Eric McInteer